Sarah's Bucket List

Italia! One Day I Am Going There Again!

We took the two older girls with us on a Mediterranean Cruise. Rome was one of the stops. We had 10 hours there. If you been to Rome, you know that 10 hours is not near enough to see all that there is to see! Pictures do no justice, you have to walk the land and see...

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Malta Someday I Am Coming Back To See You

Kurt and I were able to take our 2 oldest girls with us on an European cruise. Malta was the last stop before we headed back. It is a BEAUTIFUL place! The ocean is sooooo clear, the buildings are old and hold so much history. I had never heard of it before until this...

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Korea, I’ve Got Roots There

Have I told you that I am a mutt? I am Brazilian by birth, was raised there and moved to the U.S. when I was 17. My mom's grandpa was German and her mom's grandma had some Brazilian Indian in her. I am the only child and would like to go with my dad to Korea. So I...

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This was the view from our room. Yup, can I say paradise?! Kurt and I went there in 1997 for a week. We stayed at the Hyatt and it was heavenly! Tropical fruits and juices, seafood, all the sun we could handle, beach life, beautiful places to see and my hubby with me....

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North of Brazil, Yup…Sun, Sand And Ocean

So I was looking for pics of the North of Brazil and I came across this blog...oh made me dream with my eyes wide open! Kurt says that a...

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Sarah’s Bucket List

One of the many beautiful sunsets I get to enjoy in Utah. I just read in someone's blog, "If you could make someone’s bucket list dreams a reality, would you?" and the answer is yes! Then it got me thinking, do I have a bucket list??????...

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