Petite Bites of Life

Report on Getting In Shape 3-D

This week I've been walking almost every day (didn't make it on Monday, had to go register my son at school, we missed the dead line on line) 🙁 Also doing some abs exercises, added to my routine. Eating has been healthy for the most part, avoided treats and did ok on...

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4 Reasons to Not Quit…EVER!

It is easier to quit than it is to go forward and do the very best you can with all you have. When we do this we get places we never been, meet people we never knew and become the very best self we have the potential to be!

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Daily Dose #6 Simplify

Life can be full of demands, we can get overwhelmed with it. Being overwhelmed is not a good program. Just choose to simplify. How? Ask smart answers. Does it do any good to be concerned about this? Does it affect me or my loved ones in a good way? Can I do anything...

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Daily Dose #1 Empower Yourself

[youtube=] When the heart is hurting sometimes the mind goes into defense mode and we hurt back. What people do is up to them, how they are handling their lives. What you do with it is up to you. Have you consider this: When...

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Author, Public Speaker, Mentor and Empowerment Coach Sandy, UT

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