Petite Bites of Life

I’m Baaack!

Letting go of the things that hold us back feels fantastic! We are constantly learning, sometimes we get big nuggets and sometimes we get small ones…the important thing is to recognize nuggets of knowledge, embrace them and live a better life for it.
I’m Baaack!

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Got Myself a Name E.A.C.

For years now, I've been working with people with emotional release, getting to better health and empowering themselves. When people would ask me what I do, I would choke up and not quite have an answer. I took this issue to God...and for years he told me it was up to...

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The Climb Is Simple, One Step At A Time

This summer I've been hiking more than ever.This hike is called the Bell Canyon Hike in Utah. On the internet it is described as easy...haha, I think they need to check out a dictionary to make sure their vocabulary is correct.The picture above is the beginning of the...

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Welcome Sunshine!

Everyday, God makes the sun rise on the East and set on the West. Regardless of the kind of day we are having, He just does it. Everywhere in the planet, the sun will rise and set everyday. When it is overcast and dark, we may not see it, we can feel it if we pay...

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Author, Public Speaker, Mentor and Empowerment Coach Sandy, UT

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