I am going to start a short series.

Note to self of things that I am finding out in my journey.

I have changed a LOT! Since February I did a 180 and going strong in that direction. It has been the steepest hills to climb with the greatest views, the longest road to travel, it has had the darkest nights, the brightest of days and the most powerful storms of the soul. I’ve learned a lot about me and about people in my life. Some got closer, some left, some distanced themselves, some stayed the same…. and some still don’t know what to do with me…I guess I am kind of the pink elephant in the room…and generally speaking, people don’t know what to do with the pink elephant in the room ūüôā

Reaction is natural and easy…action takes thought, planning and courage.

So, because I am working on becoming a person of action, I am having to stop myself in my reaction modes. It is more work than it seems, and, sometimes it is harder than what we want it to be.

My note to self today is this:

When you change yourself in any degree and it is helpful to you, enjoy your change, enjoy the journey of it and do not¬†expect others to change because you did.¬†They will be/do whatever they always were/did. And it is fine, it works for them until when it¬†doesn’t anymore, as they say, “not my circus, not my monkeys”… I got a zoo of my own to keep up with, no need to add other’s monkeys to mine.¬†Just let them know¬†what¬†doesn’t work for you anymore and go on. Take action to people’s reactions. It feels good and it does good to everyone involved. If it hurts, have a good cry and leave it. Spend as little time on it as you can, go look for the good in it, find it, embrace it and live in joy. How your day goes is totally up to the attitude you give it. People will only make your day bad if you let them. Don’t.