So, I’ve been wanting to mop my kitchen floor with a thorough job, meaning, getting down on my hands and knees and getting every nook and cranny. Life, however has not made it possible…Every time I went into the kitchen, I would look at the floor and wish I had the time to mop it well…every time…I would think about it…

Well…I had to fill my little jar with laundry soap to go to the laundry mat…I left my Costco size liquid soap on the counter, not all the way on the counter, part of it was hanging from the edge…you know, big container, liquid soap, falls from the counter, breaks the lid and it spills everywhere! More than half of that container was on my kitchen floor.

Yup, I had to take the time to buy a squeegee, clean up the soap and go to town with my moping job…at the most inconvenient time possible. Just a couple of days before Christmas, running to get things done, in between work schedule, shopping and wrapping.

Got the job done.

Then I’ve been thinking I needed a pair of boots for snowshoeing, my hiking boots have lost their water proof ability and wet feet is not something I enjoy while snowshoeing. That has been on the back of my mind, on and off. Enough for me to walk into a store, look at a temporary shelf and see the perfect pair…my size, bright colors and comfortable! It is so me!

So…note to self…

Focus on the things you want to change/move/make it happen and you will move towards it. These are little things I’ve been thinking of, and they indeed showed up…maybe not at the best timing as far as cleaning the floor, yet, it showed up. Focus as often as you can on the good things you have planned.