For the past few months Ive been on transformation mode. I am resolved to change.

It has costed me too much not showing up unconditionally for myself.

You can watch the videos Ive posted here, click on the video tab and they are there. Transformation Part 1 and Transformation Steps Part 2.

Here are some of the things I shared.

My transformation began with a question in my heart. It took me to prayer and determination to find the answer.

The mind answers any question it knows the answer to, it CANNOT NOT answer. It has to.

And God, always will answerit might not be the answer we are looking for, but it is the answer we need.

The thing that is needed is for us to follow that answer, do what it takes and begin the journey.

My answer was a bit scary, I went and did it anyway. Amazing outcome!

It affected my heart, mind, spirit and body!

The transformation inside showed up big time on the outside!

Sooooo happy!

For me, was to take care of myself, to love myself, every part of it, no shame, no anger, no regretevery part of me made me who I am today. And that is a great thing!

Then comes the steps of the transformationThere were three.

  1. Deal with the emotions on my head and heart. Find a modality that works! I gave an example in the video Transformation Steps part 2.
  2. Find an exercise that you can love! Do it at least 30 minutes a day, it can be longerstart with one day a weekthen grow to 5-6your body does learn to crave it. I know, mine did.
  3. I stopped living to eat delicious foods and started eating to live a delicious life! Didnt deprive myself of the foods I enjoy, just cut the sizes of the servings down and how often. My plate got smaller and filled with better things.

Then, Last but not least

Keep at it, go for it, DONT GIVE UP!!!!

You are so very worth it!