Since my post on the question God posed to me Am I evidence of Gods work? Ive been doing some soul searching, scripture reading and lots of prayer to find an answer that I can live with.

To be Gods evidence, one must have Him in their heart. One must live a life that people will see God through their actions. That is when I determined that I am Gods evidence most of the time. I heard a chuckle and the statement which is true came to mindevidence is evidence 24/7, it doesnt stop being evidence just because.

Yesterday and today I am seeing God at work and He is majestic in every step of the way. I am seeing hearts be softened, minds be taught deeply, doors being open and things shifting right before my eyes.

I shall write this story when it is done being told.

Then, this morning my 11 year old daughter remembered a song that we both love, she came down to the computer and played it.

I thought I would share it with you.

God is not dead, He is surely alive, living on the inside, roaring like a lion.

So, as of today, from now on: I am evidence of Gods work in all my imperfections, short comings and learnings.

Is your life evidence that God is in it with you?