God gives us promptings to help us. Many times they are for us to serve others, a many times they are for us to better our lives, health and state of mind. As human beings we tend to do for others before we do for ourselves.

Yesterday I got a lesson that I didnt care to learn. And yet, what a treasure it was. Tell me what you think

Ive been praying and getting some small insights on the things I should do to get to the blessings God has shown me are in store for me. I started them and then they faded along the way. Got too busy to do them for myself. They were not anything hugethey were: read your scriptures daily, exercise, stay away from white sugar, white flour and yeast, eat less and eat less processed foods, meditate and serve others more. I did well in the meditate and serve others more. Did well at the beginning in everything else, then life happened and all went on the back burner.

Funny that when I asked what else needed to be done for better health, more energy, more enlightenmentthe answer wasdo the things youve been told to do, dont ask for more.

Ha! That wasnt fun,NOT! I was quite angry at myself!

Then I processed it, let go of it, forgave myself and now I am following the promptings to a T.

Much better day today!

Are you listening to the promptings that God is giving you? Have you checked in lately?