At our home we like to drink smoothies. My husband and son ask if it is healthy or tasty. Sometimes is more of one than the other.
My measurement usually is a handful of this, a handful of that.
This one has kale, a cutie little orange, frozen mixed berries, frozen strawberries, frozen peaches (they were sweet as candy in the summer, so I bought a bunch and froze them), frozen plums (someone gave us some during the summer and we couldnt eat them fast enough, so I froze them), a Tbsp of Chia seed, frozen banana (when they are too ripe to eat, I peel them and wrap them individually in plastic wrap), half of an avocado and water. And if your greens are going bad faster than you can use them, freeze them too.
Thats my sons lunch (by choice) and mine.
It tastes good. I should warn you, if you like it on the sweet side, add a spoon of honey or a few drops of stevia.
May I add, my son hates fruits and veggies, and mom is happy he drinks them without complaint. Because I am blending them, the whole thing is in there.