I find it interesting that the first thing God did as He created the earth was to create light and then he divided the light from the darkness, and called the light day and the darkness light.

Light is of God, good things are of God and they are never in secretdarkness is of the adversary, dark things are of the adversary and he works in secret.

I love reading my scriptures, things just jump at me all the time. They are marked, connected by lines across the page, underlined and writen on.

I just got a new set of scriptures and I am in no mans land. I am reading through it again and marking them upthis has been sooo much fun!

I am glad to say I dont have a favorite verse of a favorite book. There are sooo many that were very important at the time I read them! My kids say my scriptures are like a rainbow.

Each of my scriptures I keep for 10 years, mark them up and then give it to a child of mine. On the sides of the pages, I have writen what that specific verse meant, what I was going through and the answer that it was to my prayers. So far, 2 down, 2 to go.

How fun is that?

What do you do in special to your scriptures?